Kanye West's Million-Dollar Christmas Gift To Kim Kardashian Revealed

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly exchanged millions of dollars worth of gifts on Christmas, spending the holiday together.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are possibly heading the divorce route, with reports pointing toward that much breaking last night. The couple is reportedly in marriage counseling and according to TMZ, they’ve been trying to smooth over their relationship issues. Despite them seemingly living separate lives in Los Angeles and Wyoming, the publication states that they spent the winter holidays together, exchanging millions of dollars worth of gifts on Christmas Day and putting on a united front for the kids.

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A few weeks ago, Kanye and Kim reportedly went over-the-top for one another, and we’re talking seriously over-the-top. Sources close to the couple claim that Kanye bought five (yes, five) new 2021 Maybach SUVs for his wife. The luxury car starts at $200,000 and it’s likely that the models that Kanye copped were decked out and customized at a higher price point. That means he spent at least $1 million on them. 

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Kim also spent over $1 million on gifts for Kanye, giving him multiple James Turrell artworks that are worth over seven figures. Kanye has worked with Turrell in the past, teaming up with the artist for his Jesus Is King IMAX film and employing his vision for his Sunday Service visuals. 

It was previously believed that KimYe were not together during the holidays, given Kanye’s supposed absence from Kim’s photos on social media. However, they reportedly were together with their children. As they navigate their troubles as a couple, divorce remains on the table.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates pertaining to their rumored divorce.