Kanye West Shows Off His Latest Yeezy Shades Prototype

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Kanye’s latest accessory is going to turn heads.

Kanye West is currently in the midst of waging an all-out war against Adidas and GAP. As we explained in a long-form piece yesterday, Kanye is upset with Adidas because he feels like they are damaging his Yeezy brand. He has accused them of selling unauthorized colorways, and now, Ye wants out of his deal so that he can make Yeezy an independent operation that doesn’t need big corporations to spoil the fun.

Last night on Instagram, Kanye detailed why he is fighting to keep Yeezy independent, and as you can imagine, it has to do with his family. “Some things are bigger than money,” Ye wrote. “My kids have no idea what daddy has gone through this past few days alone to secure the brand that will one day be handed down to them God Willing These future leaders will never back down be stolen from and forced to compromise who they are for the check.”

Kanye West

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In the midst of all of this, Kanye also got to show off his brand new sunglasses that have been teased quite a bit online. Based on the Instagram post below, the new shades have been dubbed the YZY PROTO SHDZ AD V1. For now, these wild new shades will not be released to the masses as Kanye is still in the midst of perfecting the design. 

This is easily one of his most unique designs yet, and once these hit the market, we’re sure the fashion gurus out there will be repping these everywhere. 

Let us know what you think of these shades, in the comments below.