Kanye West Doesn’t Drop New Album "Donda: With Child" & No One Is Surprised

Kanye West’s new album “Donda: With Child” has yet to arrive and nobody is shocked that it didn’t drop with the rest last night’s releases.

At this point, we’ve all grown accustomed to the struggles being a Kanye West fan. There are several stages to his modern album rollouts. First comes the announcement. Then comes the drama. Then comes the non-release. And, finally, the thing finally drops and we repeat the cycle all over again.

Among last night’s slate high-prile music releases, which included Logic’s final album, Gunna’s deluxe copy, Taylor Swift‘s surprise release, and more, Kanye West was expected to come through with his tenth studio album, titled Donda: With Child. Fans were excited about the project but refused to get their hopes up, expressing that they had been through this process before. 

As midnight came and went, both on the East and West coast, Donda: With Child was nowhere to be found. Apple Music and Spotify were updated but Kanye West had not kept true to his promise, at least to an extent.

Of course, there remains a lot time for him to drop midway through Friday. 

The fans are not surprised in the least bit that the album was not uploaded to streaming services yet. People are predicting whether it will pop up later today or if the artist will make us wait for another week as he perfects the mix. Regardless, we’re sticking with this ride and we’ll try to enjoy the process without getting impatient.

In the meanwhile, go and enjoy Logic and Gunna‘s new drops!