K. Michelle ‘No Not You’

K. Michelle takes fans behind the scenes in the video for her ballad “No Not You” f her latest album, Kimberly: The People I Used to Know.

The stripped-down clip picks up where “Fuck Your Man” left f. In fact, it starts out in one the same settings that was featured in her last visual. From there, the powerful vocalist walks around the video set, as props are moved, edits are looked at, and floors are painted.

It’s a special look behind the curtains for Kimberly, but that doesn’t mean it’s without glamor. Wearing body-hugging jeans and a black top, she belts out her emotional anthem. “I was your life, I did you right,” she sings. “I gave my all every night / Oh, no, how could you?”

Following “Fuck Your Man” and “Birthday,” “No Not You” is a single f The People I Used to Know. To celebrate the album with her fans, K. Michelle will embark on “The People I Used to Know Tour,” which is scheduled to run from Feb. 9 in Providence through March 9 in Los Angeles.