Justin Bieber & Kodak Black Sued Over Shooting at Super Bowl LVI Weekend Afterparty

Photo Credit: Lou Stejskal / CC by 2.0

Justin Bieber and Kodak Black are being sued over a shooting that occurred after Justin’s concert afterparty during last year’s Super Bowl weekend.

Two men who claim they were struck by bullets at Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl afterparty last year are suing the singer and rapper Kodak Black. According to the lawsuit, Mark Shaefer and Adam Rahman say they were shot and severely injured during the February 2022 shooting outside The Nice Guy in Los Angeles. The two men are placing the blame on Justin, Kodak, and the venue.

Three people, including Kodak, were shot outside the party. Kodak’s representative said that when he was leaving the venue, someone in his crew was jumped by an unidentified assailant, and the rapper threw himself into the mix to help his friend before the shots rang out.

According to the lawsuit, the victims claim Kodak was a primary catalyst in the shooting, trying to escalate the situation and cause harm to the other party. The victims also claim that security at the venue was lax, so promoters and performers bear some responsibility. 

The victims singled out Kodak Black, Justin Bieber, The Nice Guy, The Hwood Group and Revolve Group, the City of Los Angeles, the City of West Hollywood, and Los Angeles County for the damages. Gloria Allred represents Schaefer and Rahman.

“I have seen a lot of bad complaints in my day,” says Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen. “This is the most poorly drafted complaint I have seen in 26 years. I expect Kodak to be dismissed from this suit fairly quickly.”

“There is zero specificity in the complaint, and Ms. Allred groups the defendants all together instead of making specific allegations against each,” Cohen continues. “It’s law school 101. I am embarrassed for Ms. Allred that she actually signed her name to that complaint.”