Jim Jones Says He Doesn't "Know Of Any Issue" With Freddie Gibbs

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Jim Jones also denied that his collaborative album will Hitmaka will be titled “Prime 112.”

It’s 2022 and Freddie Gibbs entered the year with a few feuds on his plate but the one that everyone wants the tea on is the alleged altercation at Prime 112. Right before the holidays, rumors emerged that Jim Jones allegedly fought Freddie Gibbs inside of the Miami restaurant. No video or photographic evidence emerged, nor has either party directly addressed the rumor, leaving fans to assume that Gibbs, indeed, lost the fight.

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Jim Jones recently joined Angela Yee on The Lip Service (the same episode where he admitted to learning how to tongue kiss from his mother) where he was finally asked about the alleged altercation at Prime 112. It began with Yee asking whether he’ll actually be dropping a joint effort with Hitmaka called Prime 112which he denied. “False,” he said before stumbling on his words and letting off an uncomfortable laugh. “I don’t know what he was trying to do… I don’t know why he would do that. Can we skip?”

Jones went on to explain that the album is filled with features, including from Pleasure P, who he said he met at Prime 112 before inviting him to the studio. “I told [Hitmaka] to call the album Hitmakas. I ain’t really have a title for it and shit I told him he could use his slogan,” Jones explained of the album title. He admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the announcement that Hitmaka made, either. “It doesn’t fit,” he continued. “We not doing none of that. We trying to keep it solid and keep movin’ but the fuckin’ album is incredible,” he said. 

Yee continued to egg on the situation in hopes to get a response, which Jones masterfully dodged altogether. “I’m in a point in my life where — we all make bad decisions and shit like that but it’s how you [move past it],” he said before Angela asked, “You’re done with that. You’re moving past it?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

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Following Uncle Murda‘s yearly “Rap Up” track, where the G-Unit member went on to mention his feelings towards Gibbs after the rumored Prime 112 situation, the Gary, IN rapper announced that he would be heading to New York City for two back-to-back shows. Yee went on to directly ask about Jones’ apparent beef with Freddie Gibbs and whether there’s any tension between the two. “I don’t know what you talkin’ about… I don’t know of any issue,” he continued before Yee mentioned Gibbs’s upcoming sold-out NYC shows.

“Let that man come get his money! This is the city! This the city of love. Let that man come get some of that money, man. It’s the city of love,” he said. “Get your bag, man. It’s a good time out here in the world, you dig? Media puts things way further than things need to be and shit like that. I ain’t not into that, you heard? Its silence never betrayed me. I’m cool. Let that man come get this money.”

As far as Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2021,” Jim Jones simply commended the fellow New Yorker for his comedic side. 

Check out the interview below. Jones talks his upcoming album with Hitmaka and Freddie Gibbs around the 1:02:41 mark.