Jackson Mahomes Roasted By Kansas City Bar After Leaving Bad Review

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Patrick Mahomes’ brother is gaining a bad reputation.

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, has built up quite the negative reputation as of late. Mahomes is a TikTok star and he is rife with content brain. Every single moment of his life is dedicated to capturing some sort of content for his social media, and it has rubbed many the wrong way. Despite all of this, Jackson has maintained an arrogant demeanor about it all, as he believes he has enough fame to get away with whatever he wants.

Recently, Jackson took to social media where he ranted against SoT Cocktail Bar in Kansas City. Mahomes believes they treated him poorly, however, the bar says this is not the case. According to the New York Post, in a now-deleted Facebook statement, the bar came out and said that Jackson was actually breaking their rules, and that they do not care who his brother is. The bar was quite scathing in its message, and they even questioned whether or not he could even be considered famous.

Jackson Mahomes

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Per SoT Cocktail Bar:

“Often times people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them. We are sorry we could not seat your very large group. As you probably saw, our bar is very small. We are sorry that you have the reach that you do, or at least that you think you do and that instead of using it for something positive you decided to use it to try and crush a small business. We survived a global pandemic, we’ll survive your ego.”

You can’t help but feel bad for Patrick, as his brother’s actions are making him look bad in the public eye. After all, Mahomes is rather reserved, however, his brother has done nothing but act entitled over the past couple of years.

Patrick Mahomes

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