Jack Harlow Reveals How Drake Lost Him Money At The Kentucky Derby

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC

Jack Harlow should have left well enough alone.

Jack Harlow has become a massive superstar in the hip-hop world. While his latest album may have garnered a ton of critiques, there is no doubt that mainstream audiences like him a lot. Harlow’s influences come directly from the likes of Drake and you can hear it in his music. Interestingly enough, Harlow has turned that influence into a full on friendship with Drake.

As you can see down below, Harlow spent some time with Drake at the Kentucky Derby. The two were having the time of their lives, and in an interview with The 85 South Comedy Show, Harlow revealed that Drake cost him a lot of money at the event. “I just told Drake I would bet what he bet, so I copied him,” Harlow explained.

Throughout the interview, Harlow also got to speak at length about his relationship with Drake and how it came to be. As you can see down below, if there is anything Harlow will take away from his career, it will be the ability to link up with those he looks up to the most.

“That’s what’s a real gift to this shit [hip-hop],” Harlow explained. “Drake is one of the people who literally taught me how to rap; him, Wayne, and Kanye. Now, to be cool with him is the biggest gift. It’s better than $10 million. There’s no price tag on meeting somebody who taught you how to do it, and them saying, ‘Yo, you’re dope.’”

Harlow has the industry behind him and at this rate, there is no stopping him.