Iggy Azalea Has A Message for Her Haters

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Iggy has no time for the negative energy.

Just a few weeks post the release of her final project before her hiatus, appropriately titled End of An Era, Iggy has some things to get off of her chest.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 31-year-old, who has admitted she can be “an asshole at times”, had to bluntly tell off a troll who questioned the quality of her music. “Y’all kept lying to this girl Iggy for years making her believe she actually makes decent music and for what,” the tweet reads.

“Weird. What I do has translated into me becoming a millionaire,” she wrote. “Meanwhile you at home sucking my p***y lips through your computer screen still has you broke and jobless. And for what? Funny how that works huh.”

After the Twitter altercation, Iggy had to set things straight by sharing. “Y’all hated me so much all that talking made me a millionaire. Love that, keep it up,” she continued with a few playful emojis on Friday night.

Despite her problematic past filled with allegations of cultural appropriation, Iggy has been laying down as she raises her son Onyx who she co-parents with Playboy Carti.

The release of her new album closed the chapter to her career that began almost ten years ago in 2012. Iggy shared a lengthy statement on Twitter explaining her choice to step away from the game sharing, “I am going to take a few years to focus on other creative projects and things I’m feeling passionate and inspired by, beyond music. I’m excited for you guys to see different sides to me in the future.”