ICE Strikes Deal with Gaming & Metaverse Start-Up STYNGR

Photo Credit: ICE

ICE announces a deal with gaming metaverse start-up STYNGR, covering the multi-territory use of the ICE Core repertoire.

ICE, the music tech company providing royalties for songwriters, has announced a deal with gaming metaverse start-up STYNGR. This deal brings the ICE Core repertoire to STYNGR’s new service in gaming and gaming metaverses, where players can choose in-game music channels and clips to personalize their experience. The multi-year deal covers a range of territories and supports accurate, usage-based writer payments.

Using STYNGR, game developers are supported with their software development kit (SDK) and can deploy in-game monetization options. ICE Core members will receive royalties from these new applications, expanding as more games and developers utilize the service.

“Licensing such a massive and unique aggregation of musical repertoire as that represented by the ICE Core Societies and Publishers is a great opportunity, and we’re delighted to get this deal in place,” says STYNGR co-founder Alex Tarrand. “STYNGR is a bridge for game developers, allowing them to easily incorporate music into all of their experiences. Being able to cover so many important works on a broad multi-territory basis is a boost for our service.”

“As the next generation of web applications start to be realized, we’re constantly assessing new services, understanding their models, and supporting innovation with deals that also reflect the value of songwriting,” adds Tim Rawlinson, VP of Licensing at ICE. “We’re pleased to be able to work with STYNGR to provide songwriters with new, incremental sources of income as new opportunities for people to experience music emerge.”

Songwriters and composers can also apply directly to access the STYNGR Creator Fund, created to boost bespoke musical experiences for game developers and metaverses. Associated songwriting camps will take place throughout 2023.

The ICE Core license includes a repertoire of collection societies PRS, STIM, GEMA, IMRO, BMI, Sabam, AKM, and independent publishers Concord, Songtrust, Peermusic, and a range of others represented through PRS’s Core Collective Initiative. The ICE copyright database holds over 48 million musical works, representing over 330,000 rightsholders.