Here Are the Producers Featured on Migos' 'Culture II' Album

The sequel to Migos' Grammy-nominated Culture album drops this Friday (Jan. 26) but details about it have been mostly quiet. That changes today (Jan. 22), as Quavo posted the production credits for Culture II on Instagram.

The post itself is a picture a legal pad, with stylized versions all the producer's names. Quavo captioned it with, "U M A D E T H A C U T ✂️? C U L T U R E I I 1 / 26 / 18." The list is full established names like Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Pharrell and more. There are newer producers like Ricky Racks and Earl The Pearl, to name a few. Surprisingly, Quavo has a solo production credit on the album. The album lists "Huncho" (Quavo) and Migos mainstay DJ Durel as executive producers.

With the album just days away, Migos have been busy promoting Culture II. The Atlanta rap trio just dropped their third single, Honorable C.N.O.T.E. and Buddah Bless co-produced "Supastars." "Camera phone, Scarface, Al Capone/Turn your lights f, nigga, we've been on/Came from my block and growed up, guess I'm homegrown/Well known, cookie, that is my cologne," Takef brags, showing how far he's come.

In a recent interview on Beats 1 Radio regarding the new LP, Quavo told Ebro Darden that they pushed for a scene with Cardi and Nicki together for the "Motorsport" video. While the union didn't end up happening, that's an interesting tidbit about a song that worked out pretty well for every artist involved.

Check out Quavo's Instagram post listing all the producers on Culture II below.