Hadi Creates Ecstatic Electro-Pop On New Single Titled “Love You Again”

Finnish pop singer and former professional football player Hadi Ridha is coming in full force with his music career thanks to a new and catchy single titled “Love You Again.”
Marked by moments of bliss, this release is no less sonically intense than any of the artist’s past installments like “Teet Mitä Teet,” “Cold Water Hadi” or “I’ll Be Okay.”

“Love You Again” is a beautiful, delicate composition with soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Hadi is a master of conveying emotions in his music and “Love You Again” shows that once more. The tune is compelling and needless to say that his vocal work is outstanding. “Love You Again” is another excellent single by the Finnish pop star who keeps showing off new sides to his music.