Greg Jennings Speaks On Fractured Relationship With Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings don’t talk anymore.

Aaron Rodgers has been known to have weird relationships with his family and teammates. For years, it has been discussed how Rodgers completely abandoned his family and won’t even pick up the phone to talk to them. Meanwhile, former Packers players like Greg Jennings have been adamant that Rodgers isn’t always the greatest leader as he will give people the cold shoulder as soon as he will do them wrong.

In a report from the Pioneer Press, Jennings spoke out about his fractured relationship with Rodgers and how the two have yet to patch things up. While they had a moment when Jennings was playing for the Vikings, they have yet to speak since then. Jennings even claimed that he tried to reach out to Rodgers, but none of his calls or DMs have been returned. Needless to say, Rodgers has gone ghost.


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“We don’t text, we don’t communicate like that. We haven’t had an official sit-down, like bring it all in for a hug, since I left Green Bay,” Jennings said. “We had a great relationship (in Green Bay). Our relationship now has been non-existent. I tried to reach out to refurbish it but haven’t had any success. The acceptance from his side has just not been there.”

This is certainly a sad situation especially when you consider how the two won a Super Bowl together back in 2010. Despite this, Rodgers just hasn’t had the desire to repair the relationship with one of his most prolific teammates.

Aaron Rodgers & Greg Jennings

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images