Funko Announces Plan To Open Snoop Dogg-Inspired Store, "Tha Dogg House”

Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Funko is partnering with Snoop Dogg to open a new store in Inglewood called “Tha Dogg House.”

Funko is teaming up with Snoop Dogg to launch a new retail experience in Inglewood called “Tha Dogg House.” The company announced that the store will be located next to Snoop’s clothing shop in the area during its inaugural press and investors day.

“This new store stays true to who I am as an entrepreneur and rapper,” Snoop said in a press release on Monday. “I can’t wait for my fans to experience it, to touch it, to feel it. Once you see it, it’s like no other thing in the world, ‘Tha Dogg House,’ will blow your mind.” 

Funko, Snoop Dogg
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Snoop Dogg is an entertainment powerhouse and remains one of the most innovative and versatile figures in the entertainment industry,” said Andrew Perlmutter, Chief Executive Officer of Funko. “We look forward to the debut of our newest retail experience and our partnership with Snoop whose expertise and impact on pop culture further elevates the brand’s opportunity to connect with fandoms within music and sports.”

Tha Dogg House is expected to open in early 2023, offering fans exclusive in-store collectibles, as well as various products encompassing sports, music, anime, movies, television, and more.

In addition to the store, Fucko will also be releasing a new product line featuring candy and puzzles

Snoop also shared a video on Instagram discussing the partnership, which you can check out below.