Frank Gore Reveals His Nerves Ahead of Deron Williams Fight

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Frank Gore is ready for his first-career boxing match.

Former NFL running back Frank Fore and former NBA star Deron Williams will be fighting each other on Saturday in a boxing match that will be featured as part of the fight card for the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley rematch. Both Williams and Gore have experience when it comes to boxing, however, they have never taken part in an official boxing match like this before.

Coming into the fight, Gore appears to be the powerful fighter, however, he will be at a height disadvantage. Regardless, he is coming into this battle motivated to win, and it should be a phenomenal matchup. While speaking to TMZ, Gore admitted that he is nervous, however, he is prepared to do anything to get that coveted win.

“I wanna look good, man,” Gore said. “I wanna show everybody whatever you put your head to, you can do it. I’m going for the W. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win. If the knockout come, it will come. I wanna show everybody that I got skills.”

While most eyes will be on Paul and Woodley, this is certainly the other fight that fans want to see. Gore and Williams were beloved in their respective sports, and they should come together for a fun fight.