FG Figueroa’s “Odio” And Its Music Video Is The Top-Level Release We Deserve

Claiming that any artist, even the A-listers, would wish to have a music video like Florida-based Puerto Rican urban singer and songwriter FG Figueroa’s visuals for his new song “Odio” is an understatement. The production is perfect to the core in every detail. The release is from his latest album, The Prelude, and was produced by C.O.D.A. and Jose Azcona. The director of the music video was Flowercop. The beauty of the harmony of feel-good vibes and the beautiful visuals of South Florida is hypnotizing and capturing. The music is an otherworldly mix of r&b, Latin-pop, pop, rap, and reggaeton with smooth soundscapes. Give the top-level release a chance and explore its beauty.