Fat Joe Feels The Rihanna Incident Seperates Chris Brown From Michael Jackson, X Users Call C A P

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Fat Joe reenergized the tired debate about whether Chris Brown is on the same level as the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

In a recent IG Live session, Joey Crack discussed Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. The Bronx rapper made the hottest of takes, claiming that the infamous Rihanna incident keeps Brown from being mentioned in the same breath as Jackson.

The Terror Squad general argued to those watching that it’s been 20 years since Brown physically assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna, claiming that it was time to let it go and that Breezy is the best singer/dancer/performer since Michael Jackson.

Fat Joe took things even further when he used disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly to prove his point, trying to make the tired and ridiculous separate the artist from their egregious actions argument.

Now, to his credit, Chris Brown has shut down the MJ comparisons while still paying homage to the “Thriller” singer. In a 2022 interview with Big Boy, he acknowledged that he draws inspiration from MJ heavily but has also added his own flair to his talent to pave his own path in the music industry.

Social Media Calls C A P on Fat Joe’s Chris Brown Hot Take

Fat Joe’s comments, of course, sparked debate, with many Breezy fans agreeing with him, while other fans of music claim Usher is above Brown, and MJ fans feel no one compares.

“We would still only call Michael Jackson Michael Jackson, actually. And, if we have to decide, Usher would be the only logical heir apparent. Hope this helps,” one person on X, formerly Twitter, wrote. 

Apple Music’s Rap Life host Low Key added, “Does he have a ‘Confessions’….?,” referring to Usher’s iconic 2004 album.

He has a point.

The gallery below shows more reactions to Fat Joe caping for Chris Brown as a GOAT.

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