Fans Scold Boosie Following His Homophobic Lil Nas X Rant

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Fans scolded Boosie for his homophobic tweets about Lil Nas X, Saturday.

Boosie Badazz posted extremely homophobic tweets about Lil Nas X, Saturday afternoon, after the Montero rapper joked about doing a song with him. Fans were quick to come at Boosie in his replies.

The back and forth was started when Nas name-dropped Boosie while speaking with his fans on an Instagram live stream: “Shit fire. I ain’t even gonna lie, for real. Gotdamn song with Lil Boosie gonna come out. Song with Lil Boosie finna come out.”

Boosie responded with several tweets containing slurs and references to suicide.

Boosie Badazz
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One fan replied by comparing the artists’ popularity: “’NoBodY WaNtS YoU HeRe.’ Billboard Hot 100 #1 spot says otherwise Boo.”

Even fans of Boosie were surprised by how far he went: “damn bruh boosie i be trying be on your side but you took it to far bruh with this one”

Nas responded to the controversy with a fake-out tweet: “I am truly saddened. i have never been so mortified in my life. i can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October.”

Check out more responses to Boosie’s tweet below.