Elon Musk Reveals British Talking Tesla: "Don’t Just Stand There Staring, Hop In"

The talking Tesla will be a thing the future.

Elon Musk and the team behind his automotive production company, Tesla has continuously been experimenting with the capabilities the human/vehicle driving experience. From self-driving vehicles, changing how the general public views trucks, and underground speed tunnels, Elon Musk is innovating how we view travel. His latest endeavor in vehicle experimentation involves future Tesla models with the ability to communicate with nearby pedestrians located outside the electric-powered cars. 

In a video shared on his Twitter account, a red Tesla Model 3 vehicle can be seen strolling a parking lot audibly stating, “But don’t just stand there staring, hop in. I didn’t practice that expression long.” 

According to the UK-based publication Electrek, Tesla upgraded the front-end the Model 3 to include a speaker located behind the vehicle’s grill. The external speaker will allow operators to communicate with surrounding foot-travelers without the driver having to roll down their windows and verbally communicate with people passing by. 

Elon Musk and Tesla have yet to reveal how this new tech will be applied and operated by their consumer base yet, but the innovative car company does plan on incorporating an automated external speech widget into all their future models. Check out the clip the Tesla Model 3 speaking in the video provided below.