El Chapo’s Confiscated Mexican Homes Aren’t Selling For Big Money As Expected

The Mexican government isn’t able to flip El Chapo’s homes for what they are worth.

El Chapo was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year after a lengthy trial. Chapo has demanded a retrial but things are already moving forward with the confiscation his assets. Three his homes have already been repossessed and sold by the government. According to TMZ, the Mexican government is having serious trouble trying to sell El Chapo’s home. They’ve already made $228K from half the six homes they’ve sold. However, his most pricey residence has been a hard seller apparently. The home was going for $587k and included three stories. It was initially bought for the mother his son. 

El Chapo's Confiscated Mexican Homes Aren't Selling For Big Money As Expected

One the homes being sold had some serious history behind it. Chapo apparently used it as a hideout spot after his first time escaping prison back in 2001. However, that probably wasn’t really a selling point for any potential buyers. It later sold for $107,530. This was the same spot where government ficials pulled up on him but he had a secret tunnel hidden underneath a bathtub. 

Two other homes his sold for $64,589 and $55,725. The latter is another spot where El Chapo hid out while he was on the run from ficials. 

Despite the unique history the homes, people clearly aren’t into the idea laying their heads where El Chapo used to hide at.