Ebro Darden Calls DJ Akademiks A "Drunk" In Bitter Twitter Spat: "Pull Up"

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

This episode of their ongoing animosity was sparked after Ak called Hip Hop pioneers “dusty.”

The social media spat between DJ Akademiks and Ebro Darden was a highlight on Twitter earlier today. There has obviously been no love lost between these two over the years as they’ve each made disparaging comments about the other. Recently, Akademiks came under fire for a harsh take on the pioneers of Hip Hop, and before he knew it, some of the game’s favorite veterans fired off reactions where they called out the blogger while praising the paths they’ve made for this generation of artists.

As those conversations were being had, listeners tuned in to Hot 97 and heard Ebro and his morning co-hosts also take aim at Akademiks over his unpopular take. This caused the Off The Record podcaster to bite back, resulting in a stream of tweets where he blasted Darden.

We previously reported on Akademiks and his cold-hearted posts about Darden, but his perceived foe issued a few responses. Akademiks told artists that if they don’t “get love at Apple music,” it’s because Darden blocked them. “N*gga got a ego,” he said. “If he don’t fw u or what u stand for … Apple music especially hip hop apple music wont fw u.”

Darden replied, “Who do I have a personal vendetta with that didn’t get love? Let’s name names. And did you sober up from last night?” That question didn’t receive a direct answer, but Akademiks claimed that Darden would “never address me without admitting he was a fake ass n*gga… who tried to politic me out the game.”

He added that Ebro was upset that Akademiks had involvement with someone who he didn’t like.

“You’re drunk. I told people I had jobs for you,” Darden retorted. “You’d rather be drunk and disrespectful to women and align with scumbags. Do you boo boo!” Akademiks insisted that Darden and Hot 97 have been bashing him, even taking a verbal shot at Peter Rosenberg in the process. Darden was unmoved, tripling down on Akademiks being a drunk.

“You callin’ OGs dusty cause they broke… Meanwhile, You claim to be rich but look dustry, drunk & broke. Pull up.”

Check it out below.