Drake Got a New Face Tattoo and It May Have a Special Meaning

Drake loves getting tattoos. He recently got a new tat on his face and it appears to have a special meaning.

Drake Got a New Face Tattoo That May Have a Special Meaning

Drake is known for his love of tattoos, and his latest ink on his face seems to be particularly meaningful. On Sunday (Nov. 19), photographer Brent Kore posted a few black-and-white images on his Instagram Stories of Drake rocking his new tattoo that appears right above his eyebrow.

The tat is a blocky, all-caps word that reads “MISKEEN” with sharp edges and serifs.

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So What Does Drake’s Tattoo Mean?

The word “MISKEEN” has multiple meanings, depending on the context. According to a Torontology thread on Reddit, it’s slang for someone who is not genuine or a civilian. In Habesha culture, it can mean an innocent child who looks sad, unfortunate, or doesn’t know any better.

Miskeen is also the name of a clothing brand out of West Philadelphia, Pa. The apparel brand just recently launched a special limited-edition of Philly sports varsity jackets.

So is Drake working on a collaboration with Miskeen for some Toronto sports varsity jackets? Who knows?

However, the general consensus appears that “miskeen” means an innocent person.

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Drake Has an Impressive Array of Tattoos All Over His Body

According to a recent accounting by PopSugar, Drake has a total of 55-plus tattoos on his body. These include his first tattoo, the OVO owl, as well as large portraits of his loved ones and musical idols, such as the late R&B singer Aaliyah.

Back in August, photos surfaced of Drake’s tattoo of his son’s name tattooed on the back of his neck. In the photo, a smiling Drizzy is wearing a Los Angeles Sparks basketball jersey with matching purple and yellow bandanas wrapped around his forehead. The rap superstar proudly shows off his son’s name, “ADONIS,” written in all capitals in a Western typographical font, on the back of his neck. You can peep it below.

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Take a look a Drake’s new tattoo below.

Check Out Drake’s New Tattoo on His Face

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