Doja Cat Puts Funny Country Twist on Brent Faiyaz Song

Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images

Doja may be adding country to her bag now.

Doja Cat is famous for two things: her tremendous pop music and artistry, and her entertaining online presence. One of the ways she amuses her fans through social media is by her goofy Instagram live sessions and her spontaneous Instagram posts.

The latest of these posts came right before 2021 ended, and she recorded a video of her singing in her bedroom. While Doja is one of the most captivating and talented pop musicians in the industry right now, she was not intending to impress with this post.

As she wore a peculiar wide-brimmed hat, she employed a humorous country twang as she sang Brent Faiyaz’s 2016 hit “Lovely.” She appears to be a huge fan of the song, as she captioned the funny post “singing.”

This came just days after Doja had expressed the desire to expand past her pop presence and release a two-sided album: one side rap and the other side pop. While her albums already contain some impressive rap verses, she has never fully committed to that style of music, so it will be fascinating to see her spit bars for a prolonged stretch of time on a record.

However, perhaps this new video suggests just would like to dip her toes in a country-type sound as well, becoming a pop-rap-country artist.

Do you think Doja could pull that off? Check out her quirky post below.