DJ Akademiks & iLoveMakonnen Trade Shots On Twitter

Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

DJ Akademiks and Makonnen went back and forth on Twitter, Thursday.

DJ Akademiks and iLoveMakonnen went at each other on Twitter, Thursday, after the former Drake collaborator claimed that he made Akademiks’ career.

“Why u spreading lies and starting rumors about me girl?” Makonnen asked Akademiks in an initial tweet.

He followed up by saying, “I made @Akademiks y’all wouldn’t have that shit if it wasnt for me. I’m not proud of it, but I made that gossip burger.”

Akademiks’ fired back, “Nurse … he’s out again!!!!”

DJ Akademiks, Ilovemakonnen
Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

Akademiks’ career isn’t the only thing Makonnen has claimed to be the founder of this week. On Monday, the My Parade singer argued that he is responsible for “this gay shit.”

He continued in several tweets: “This gay shit is the hardest shit anyone could ever do. Like y’all don’t be understanding the days a gay be going thru. The levels I’m on creatively can probably only be processed by a gay. Y’all can all just be who u are. I love all y’all I been loved all y’all . I’m tryna teach y’all to love yourselves so u don’t have to be doing them ugly ways that yall be doing.”

Makonnen added afterward that he was on mushrooms.

Check out the back and forth on Twitter below.