DJ Akademiks Claims Karen Civil Covered Up Video Of Meek Mill "Beatin' Up A Chick"

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He called Civil the “best at what she does” and added “she begs platforms like mine, ‘Don’t embarrass n*ggas.'”

These last few days have been particularly difficult for media marketing maven Karen Civil. She is known for her work with several artists in the industry, most notably Nicki Minaj, but in recent days, Civil’s name has been at the forefront of scandal. Jessie Woo, Joyner Lucasand Meek Mill are just a handful of those who have come forward with complaints, and after music executive Kita Trotter created a Clubhouse chatroom to discuss the controversy, including mentions of Big U and Nipsey Hussle, Civil became a trending topic.

Now, DJ Akademiks is lending his voice to the conversation by both praising Civil for being good at her job and revealing a scandal that Civil reportedly covered up.

Meek Mill, Karen Civil
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Akademiks admitted that he has never had business dealings with Civil, but if she had done him wrong, he would come forward. “The type of chick Karen is, she’s a scrappy b*tch who saves artists. I’ve seen her save artists,” said Ak. “She begs platforms like mine, ‘Don’t embarrass n*ggas.’ She’s worked for Nicki, Nicki’s a f*cked up human being. She’s tried to make her seem personable. That’s all I’m sayin’ my n*gga.”

“Anytime I’ve had interactions with her, she’s makin’ f*cked up artists look better. I’m telling you,” he continued. “People who do sh*t—Meek got, apparently, somebody got Meek on video beatin’ up a chick, bro! That video never came out! Who made that sh*t never [come] out? Karen, bro!… All of these n*ggas, they need somebody like that because they make mistakes, they f*ck up, they do human sh*t.”

Akademiks went on to call Karen the “best at what she does” before continuing his rant about the industry covering up the skeletons in entertainers’ closets. Watch it below.