Diddy Slammed For White Water Rafting Amidst Legal Woes

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Diddy might need better guidance on how to keep a lower profile. He has been criticized for living his best life while facing legal problems.

As reported by Page Six the Bad Boy Entertainment founder was recently spotted in Wyoming vacationing with his family. Wearing a life vest and black shorts the “Missing You” rapper was white water rafting at Snake River and enjoying the sun. After the water festivities, he and his family boarded his private jet named “Combs Air”.

Paparazzi were tipped off to his whereabouts and captured photos of him out and about. Naturally, the imagery struck a bad chord with his accusers. In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Cassie Ventura’s lawyer Douglas Wigdor says “I don’t think white water rafting will prepare him for the choppy waters that lie ahead.”

Adria English’s attorney Ariel Mitchell-Kidd also expressed her disapproval saying “After seeing Defendant Combs white water rafting and jetting around on his personal plane, seemingly enjoying life despite all the atrocities he has caused and has been accused of by countless individuals over decades, Mrs. English is even more motivated to ensure justice prevails.

“English claims she was trafficked by Diddy at his invite-only all-white parties. She alleges she “regularly had to drink alcohol laced with narcotics like ecstasy and was encouraged to flirt with guests,” and was required to have sex with Jacob Arabov, aka “Jacob The Jeweler.”

Last week it was reported Diddy had put up his Los Angeles mansion for sale. This is the same property that was raided back in April. Combs has yet to respond to the matter. You can watch Diddy rafting below.

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