Detroit Pioneer Esham's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "Before [D12's] Proof Passed Away We Had A Real Heart To Heart Talk" –

When Esham first came out rappin’ in the 80s he was only a kid, but he was spittin’ some the hardest rhymes over some the dopest beats at the time. His label Reel Life Productions was our version Rap-A-Lot or Ruthless here in the Midwest. He influenced the likes Insane Clown Posse, Eminem, and most recently Chance the Rapper who named his Mixtape after Esham’s style music, Acid Rap! Fast forward a few decades and nothing has changed, he is still putting out music and doing shows, in fact he just went out on the road for which he calls the Dead Winter tour. Check out some the best moments from our “Murder Master Music Show” interview with this Detroit Pioneer.

1. The Legacy Of Pioneering Detroit Group NATAS

The FUQERRBDY was the last NATAS record; there won’t be no more NATAS records, that is why I put out the box set. I wanted the NATAS story told! Unfortunately we lost TNT he is onto the next life and the next world but while we are here we won’t be making no more NATAS records. Mastamind has his own label and he puts out his own albums. When it comes time for us to work together we will do that but we are not gonna put out no more albums as the group NATAS, we can’t without TNT.

2. Conversation W/ D12’s Pro Before He Passed Away

Before Pro passed away we had a real heart to heart talk. He was like “Man, we wasted alotta time battling each other; we coulda took over the world!” He was basically saying it ain’t too late. Me and Pro squashed all that sh*t. I don’t have no problems with Eminem. I never really had no problems with Eminem, it was just some sh*t because he was dissin’ ICP and them was like my little homies and I kinda put them on.

3. Still Feel Like I’m The Only Rapper Who Battle Eminem & Won

I still feel like I’m the only rapper who battled Eminem and won because he never really said nothing to me as much lyrical sh*t that I hurled at him. Maybe the reason he didn’t respond to me is the same reason Donald Trump didn’t respond to him. Everybody sees it for what it is.

Chance the Rapper paying homage to Esham’s style Hip Hop, Acid Rap

4. Chance The Rapper Paying Homage To Esham’s Style Of Hip-Hop/Acid Rap

The song “Acid” was describing a particular style rap that I do which is called Acid Rap which was popularized in the early 90s and later became more popular by a rapper named Chance who named his mixtape Acid Rap and dedicated it to the Wicket Sh*t. That song Acid was basically the start it all. Chance is real Hip Hop! He had nothing to gain by telling the truth and he kept it all the way trill like Pimp C.

5. Murder Dog Magazine’s Importance

That meant the world because it was a publication that had certified people in it that publicly validated our story. It was some truth speakers speaking the same truth as us. That’s really what it’s all about is getting the world out to people that might not have heard about something that is more doper than what the average outlet was using.

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