Despite Backlash After ‘Emin-AI-em,’ David Guetta Says AI Is Music’s Future

Photo Credit: Sebastiaan Stam

David Guetta created a rave hit featuring an AI-generated Eminem rap-a-like. He’s facing a lot of backlash over the use of AI—but he says it’s the future of music like every other new tool. 

We covered the DJ’s use of ChatGPT and a voice AI tool to re-create a voice that sounds like Eminem rapping. The French producer has stated he won’t release the track commercially but says he believes these tools will become part of future musicians’ repertoire. Guetta argues that each new style of music comes from a new technology.

“I’m sure the future of music is in AI. For sure,” the DJ tells BBC music correspondent Mark Savage at the Brit Awards. “There’s not doubt, but as a tool. Nothing is going to replace taste,” he continues. “What defines an artist is you have a certain taste, you have a certain type of emotion you want to express–and you’re going to use all the modern instruments to do that.”

Guetta compares the use of AI to past music revolutions like the electric guitar. “Probably there would be no rock’n’roll if there was no electric guitar,” he says.

“There would be no acid house without the Roland TB-303 [bass synthesizer] or the Roland TR-909 drum machine. There would be no hip-hop without the sampler. I think AI might really define new musical styles. I believe that every new music style comes from a new technology.”

When the BBC inquired why Guetta posted the video of the song, he said he wanted to open discussion and bring awareness to the use of AI in music. Since posting the video on Twitter last week, he’s gotten a variety of feedback. A lot of people are loving the potential possibilities it opens, while others argue that he’s stealing Eminem’s flow. 

Eminem himself has not yet responded to the Emin-AI-em video, which you can see yourself here