Desperado Orchestra Delivers Music Video For Their Groovy Track “Just Dancin’”

Desperado Orchestra delivered a music video for their groovy, world music track titled “Just Dancin’.” The visuals feature the performance of a funky choreography by Desperado Orchestra and blend it with shots of traditional African dances, and footage of Indigenous peoples’ dances. The video also includes cuts of people enjoying themselves while dancing wildly with the crazy rhythms. “Just Dancin’” is an extremely lifeful single, with its catchy lyrics, live instruments, and earworm melody, the song makes you wanna dance, and will loop in your mind for days. 


Desperado Orchestra described the music video as a reference to African culture: 

Throughout the African Diaspora Dancing is a way to train, worship, exercise, etc. In the Americas, it was used as a tool of revolution. Dance is an expression of the Soul. So keep Dancing my friends.’


Check out the funky music video for “Just Dancin’” below: