Dana White Reveals What Conor McGregor Must Do Before Returning

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Conor McGregor remains a massive draw for the UFC.

Conor McGregor is one of the most famous UFC fighters of all time, although, over the last couple of years, he has run into quite a few roadblocks. His most recent one involves none other than Dustin Poirier, as their last fight ended in a broken leg for McGregor. Since that time, the UFC star has been on the road to recovery, and he seems interested in getting back on track, sooner rather than later. 

As for Dana White, he would love to have McGregor back in the UFC as soon as possible, although that may not be entirely possible. A broken leg takes a long time to recover from, and White knows that he needs to give Conor some space and some time before he can get back to 100 percent. In fact, White recently spoke to Jim Rome about the situation, and he explained what it will take for McGregor to get booked for another fight.

Dana White

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“This kid needs to heal up,” White said per The Independent. “I don’t know how fast that leg is going to recovery. It’s basically going to be all about when can he start kicking again and, more importantly, when can he start taking kicks again. That will determine when he fights again.”

Hopefully, Conor can get back into the ring soon as that would go a very long way in promoting upcoming events. While he may not be winning anymore, McGregor is one of the biggest names that the UFC has, and as long as he’s around, tickets will continue to get sold.

Conor McGregor

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