DaBaby Explains How He Went to School On 50 Cent

If you squint, you see some 50 Cent in DaBaby.

That's by design. 

During an interview with Billboard's Carl Lamarre, the NC rapper explained how we went to school on Fif.


“The way he came out gunning with his relentless hustle, that’s one the people I came out watching,” said Baby. “That’s actually somebody who I study. And as far as being versatile not only as an artist, but an individual, period. Being business-minded, acting and being versatile, I soak that up from him.”

DaBaby would like to get with his role model for a little face-to-face.

“I’ve been trying to get with 50 man, people like I just want to get in the room and pick your brain," he explained.

Do you think DaBaby will have a 50 Cent-length career?

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