Courtney Tailor Confronted In Miami Bar After Allegedly Stabbing Her Boyfriend To Death: Watch

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Courtney Tailor was publicly blasted after attempting to live a “regular life” despite reportedly killing her boyfriend days prior.

Earlier this month, news broke that OnlyFans creator, Courtney Tailor, may have stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, to death in Miami. Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic violence incident at the El Paraiso apartment complex. Upon arriving, they found Tailor covered in blood and Obumseli suffering from a stab wound. It was when they rushed him to the hospital that he was presumed dead.

A video was obtained of the aftermath which clearly showed the 25-year-old drenched in gore while wearing a black sports bra and pink sweatpants- the same outfit she wore hours before while on Instagram live. After being detained by the cops, Courtney claimed that she was going to kill herself.

Just days after the disastrous incident caught social media’s attention, Courtney was caught casually hanging out at Miami’s Grand Beach Hotel. As she sat in the bar area, a woman began to record her in awe.

“I’ll videotape her,” said the woman recording as Courtney and her guest prepared to leave the establishment, “yeah, you should go.”

As they stormed towards the exit, the woman continued on. She did not hold back from letting everyone in the common area know the crimes that were just committed days before. “You just killed your boyfriend,” she said loud enough for people to hear. 

She also went on to post the recording on her Instagram page. The caption stated, “On a Friday night @courtneytailor thought she could casually sit at the bar  with her father after she brutally murdered her boyfriend @christianvstoby on Sunday. @mpdpolice does this look like a mentally unstable person to you, as she claims?”

Watch the original video below.