Cassie Shares Slim Post-Baby Workout Body: "I Didn’t Rush To Lose Weight"

Cassie shared a video and photo her postpartum body seven months after giving birth to her daughter, Frankie Fine.

In today’s culture, after a woman gives birth, it’s not uncommon to see her share photos her “snapback body” just weeks later. There is an illusion that woman can quickly reach their pre-pregnancy weight in just as little as four weeks, but for the masses, that isn’t the case. Back in December 2019, Cassie gave birth to her first-born, a daughter that she shares with newlywed husband Alex Fine. The couple has laid low as they’ve adjusted to parenthood and have given glimpses into their home life on social media, and Cassie returned to Instagram with an update on getting back into shape over the last seven months.

Cassie Shares Slim Post-Baby Workout Body: "I Didn't Rush To Lose Weight"z
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“I haven’t posted anything like this in a while, but I’m very proud myself,” the singer wrote on her Instagram Story. “The female body is truly an amazing thing. I didn’t rush to lose weight after having Frankie in December, but when I was ready to I struggled with it for some months. I stopped putting so much pressure and stress on myself and with less stress and healthier habits this is me today 7 months postpartum.”

“Feeling really good, I’m healthy and working on my strength. Love your body!!!” Then, Cassie shared a video to show her slim figure and toned abs. Check it out below along with pictures Frankie Frine.