Boosie Almost Busts His Azz While Ice Skating

One the best things about following celebrities on social media is getting to see them do extravagant things… and regular things. Because we follow him on Instagram we learned that Louisiana rap legend Boosie Badazz is a lot things, but pressional ice skater certainly isn’t one them. The Baton Rouge native uploaded a handful videos to his Instagram, showcasing his ice skating skills. After watching them all several times, let’s just say he won’t be trying out for the Winter Olympics anytime soon…

“Ice skating with the kids,” the BooPac rapper says to the camera in his first four videos. “S**t the hardest s**t I ever done in my life!”

He’s not lying. From there the videos document Boosie hitting the ice for what seems to be the first time in his life. Using what looks like a geriatric walker for support, Boosie gets his bearings right before our eyes as one his eight kids yells out from the background, “You slow, Daddy!”