Blakk Mantra Create Soundscapes That Are Both Highly Energizing and Edgy on Welcome To El Rey Blvd

Rock Duo Blakk Mantra unveil their newly released EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd which is home to two powerful, uplifting, and high-energy tracks titled “Perhaps We’ll Live” and“Queen of Infinite Space.”

Listening to Welcome To El Rey Blvd is like finding yourself in a time machine. The sound throughout the EP is awash in clean synths, pulsing, dancefloor-ready bass lines, guitar riffs, and beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 1980s-era cassette tape. The band approaches the songs with a mixture of Arctic Monkeys’ romantic croon, and unabashed emotions of Dirty Pretty Things along with their own unique touch that allow them to place their exclusive stamp on the music they produce.

After listening to this EP, which is mesmerizing with beauty, both sonically and lyrically, we just hope Blakk Mantra have something greater and more robust to offer with their next release.