August Alsina Drops Disrespectful Bars About Will & Jada On ‘Entanglement’

Last week, Rick Ross suggested August Alsina cash in on his new notoriety by dropping an album called Entanglement, which is what Jada Pinkett Smith called her affair with August

Instead,  Alsina teamed with Ross for a track called "Entanglement".  Its bars are pretty explicit toward Jada and her still-husband Will Smith.

I'm bein' honest baby, don't want no strings attached (Uh-uh)
You just want a nigga that's gon' break your back (Break your back)
I'm half? No, I ain't 'bout to play with that (Play with that)
You left your man to fuck with me, just to pay him back
Don't you know that's cold hearted?
Once you gone, no comin' back
Girl, you fuckin' with a youngin', I be doin' shit you like …

I'm on my way, yeah (Skrr)
I'ma pull up when he dip (Skrr)
He's always think me and you fuckin' (Woo)
If he see me, he gon' trip
House with no key (Key, key)
Girl I know I fucked up your hair
Lay you down, and hit it right there
Lay you down, and hit it right there, oh, oh
That ain't my girl, but I got the key
To the crib and to your car (To the crib and to her heart)

What do you think?

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