Ashanti Reacts To Fat Joe Saying She's The Hottest She's Ever Been

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Fat Joe was Ashanti’s biggest hypeman after she showed up to his birthday party looking like a million bucks.

Despite being dressed in a Tiffany blue Hermes suit, Fat Joe was not the best-dressed person at his birthday party this weekend. Those honors went to Ashanti, who, according to Joe, looks the best she has in her entire life.

For Ashanti, 40 is the new 21. The Carnival queen attended Fat Joe’s birthday party this weekend and she wore a stunning minidress, which revealed her curves and looked as though it could have popped open at any time during the event. Fat Joe has known Ashanti for decades, but according to the rapper, she has never looked better than she does now.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

“When Ashanti comes out that car… Jesus Christmas! I mean, what wasn’t she wearing,” excitedly exclaimed Joey Crack in a video posted to social media. “Holy shit! And you know the body so tight that, you know, now, the rich women, they come to the party with a guy to comb they hair while they in the party. I said, ‘Sis, does he have to come in?’ That’s how tight it was up in there. It was capacity! She said, ‘Yes, I need him, bro.’ So he comes. She is looking like a motherfucking missile out there in them streets!”

Fat Joe went on to say that Ashanti looks better than she ever has, which prompted a reaction from the queen herself.

“If your brother don’t hype u up like this he’s trash!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Love u bro!!!! I am f##### cryinnnnnnnnnnnngg @fatjoe.”

Check out everything Joe had to say below, as well as Ashanti’s look underneath.