Amazon Music Releases Six George Ezra Spatial Audio Exclusives

Photo Credit: Raph_PH / CC by 2.0

George Ezra is releasing a new limited edition EP featuring six songs re-recorded from his album Gold Rush Kid in 360 Reality Audio.

29-year-old singer/songwriter George Ezra has teamed up with Sony Music UK and Amazon Music to release Gold Rush Kid (Amazon Music Live), featuring six songs re-recorded from his album Gold Rush Kid using Sony’s spatial audio technology.

Instead of remixing existing material, Ezra re-recorded the Amazon Original EP to fully utilize the 360 Reality Audio format, using innovative spatial studio equipment. Ezra re-recorded his tracks “Gold Rush Kid,” “Green Green Grass,” “Anyone For You,” “Dance All Over Me,” “Sweetest Human Being Alive,” and “In The Morning” in an immersive studio set up at London’s Metropolis Studios.

“It’s a new way of listening to music,” says George Ezra about his Amazon Original EP. “I know (the record) inside out — or so I thought — but now you can hear it from all different angles. It’s like the songs have come alive in a way I hadn’t heard before.”

“This collaboration with George Ezra is a great example of the ways that Amazon Music can work with artists to create compelling, original content that brings them even closer to their fans,” says Laura Lukanz, Head of Music Industry for Amazon Music UK, Australia, and New Zealand. “This first-of-its-kind immersive EP brings a new way of listening to music and will shine a light on some of George’s most popular tracks from ‘Gold Rush Kid,’ showcasing them to fans and new audiences alike in a brand new, immersive way.”

Gold Rush Kid (Amazon Music Live) will be available exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited for three months and can be streamed on the platform now. Amazon Music is teaming up with Sony to offer a four-month free trial of Music Unlimited alongside the EP’s release. After the exclusivity period, the EP could see a release on other platforms that support 360 Reality Audio, including Tidal.