Amanda Nunes Bettor Loses A Whopping $318K

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Amanda Nunes lost to Julianna Pena in what was a major upset.

Amanda Nunes is one of the best female UFC fighters of all time, and on Saturday, she went up against Julianna Pena for the Bantamweight title. It was an incredibly entertaining match with both fighters going punch for punch. In the end, however, it was the underdog who came out victorious as Pena was able to shock the world against one of the GOATs of the sport.

Many fans were shocked by the result, especially those who bet on the fight. Most were betting on Nunes, however, if you put a lot of money on Pena, you probably made a nice little bag for yourself. Unfortunately for one Nunes bettor, they ended up losing out on the value of a decent-sized house.

Amanda Nunes

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, one person put $318K on Nunes to win. What makes this bet particularly funny is the fact that it would have only won the guy an extra $30K. Needless to say, the risk was not worth the minimal reward, and now, the person is going to have to justify this to their family, or whoever this loss might affect.

If there is ever a lesson to be learned here, it’s that you should always bet responsibly. Sports are never a sure thing, and even if you’re confident in your bet, there is never a guarantee that you’re actually going to win.