Almighty Jay Talks Dating Blac Chyna When He Was 18, Avoids Controversial Questions

Rodrigo Varela / Stringer / Getty Images, Michael Tran / Contributor / Getty Images

Back in 2018, Chyna and Jay lit up headlines as they were photographed shopping and going to amusement parks together.

When reports of a 29-year-old Blac Chyna dating an 18-year-old Almighty Jay surfaced back in 2018, the public was stunned. The mother of two is known for her high-profile relationships that include the fathers of her children, Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but when it was said that she was dating the former YBN crew member, people were up in arms.

The short-lived relationship came and went, and in his recent interview with VladTV, Jay spoke about Chyna. The rapper was questioned about receiving an onslaught of attention once he and Chyna went public. Jay said that at the time, the YBN rappers were gaining popularity “with the kids,” but when he began dating Blac Chyna, the adults began paying attention. 

Vlad wanted to know what he thought about the public claiming that Chyna was “robbing the cradle” by dating a teenager. “We used to laugh about that sh*t,” said Jay, before he was asked about the infamous, viral moment when he and Chyna were at Six Flags Magic Mountain and she got into a shouting match with someone at the amusement park.

“To be honest, I don’t even know,” answered the rapper. “I really don’t even know about that sh*t, for real. I was there, but I don’t really… I ain’t know what was goin’ on, for real.” Vlad continued to press him about Chyna, asking if the model mogul had “a bad temper.” Almighty Jay didn’t seem to want to walk down that road and just said, “Nah, not that I know of.”

Jay also admitted that he knew Tyga through mutual friends who were artists, but he never had any interaction with him or Rob Kardashian. “I’m cool with Chris, Chris Brown,” said Jay. “I used to go to Chris house and sh*t, he’ll throw parties and sh*t. Tyga would come and we’d chop it up and everything.”

Additionally, he couldn’t give a reason as to why they broke up because they were really dating, he said. “It was more like, something to do,” Jay added. “We ain’t really take no relationships serious… We was mainly like, friends, for real.” Check out what else Almighty Jay had to say about Blac Chyna below.