Al B. Sure Reveals He & Kim Porter Were Married, Denies Posting About Her For IG Likes

The world was aware that Al B. Sure and Kim Porter were in a relationship decades ago, but it wasn’t widely known that the former couple was married for a time.

The news Kim Porter’s tragic death was shocking not only for her admirers but for her large, blended family. The beloved public figure was known by many as being the mother Diddy‘s children, but she shared her oldest son, Quincy Brown, with music icon Al B. Sure. While the couple didn’t speak much about their relationship from decades ago, the R&B singer has recently been opening up about his grief following his ex’s tragic passing.

Al B. Sure Reveals He & Kim Porter Were Married, Denies Posting About Her For IG Likes
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Recently, Al B. Sure caught the attention the masses when he shared a lengthy message on social media that suggested Kim didn’t die pneumonia and stated that something else was at play. “I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn’t just check out all a sudden over neumonía. That’s some bull sh**. Really? This is where I get in trouble,” he wrote. He shared his thoughts alongside a video himself crying, allegedly at the time he found out that Kim had passed away.

The singer later caught up with Fox Soul and talked about his relationship with Kim, revealing that he was married to the model for a time. “Every time I post something, I forget it’s me,” he said. “I’m a grandfather so my concern is not being popular and trying to get numbers and likes. That’s not what I do, but what’s funny, I posted something the other day, talking about my ex-wife. Yeah, I said it. My ex-wife, Kimberly.”

He added, “Nobody knew because we didn’t discuss being married. We didn’t discuss that. I was just giving her—every so ten, I give her a tribute.” He then went on to explain that he was on the way to rehearse for an awards show so he was filming himself when he received the call that Kim Porter had died. Check out Al B. Sure on Fox Soul below.