About That VR Life? 10 Things You'll Dig About Merge VR's Cube & Goggles –

With the 2018 International CES convention starting tomorrow (January 9), SOHH’s in full-blown tech mode and hyped about what new gadgets are coming out. While we continue to daydream and get hyped, we’ve had the chance to check out tech giant Merge Virtual Reality’s Goggles and Cube. Check out 10 things you’ll dig about this match made in heaven pairing!

1. The Merge VR: Goggles – Entry Into The VR World

If you’re not about virtual reality in 2018, you’re going to be not only left out but overlooking some the best adventures the Internet has to fer. Virtual reality’s been around for years but these past two have been insanely popular from companies like Sony Playstation launching their own VR set to jam-packed releases like Oculus pricing at $399. Let’s face it, you ‘should’ be skeptical and while you know this is the way the future, put your faith into the Merge VR: Googles – priced at just $49.99 – it’s worth the risk and reward rather than pouring your savings into the more expensive and over-the-top releases. NEED YOUR HEADSET NOW? CLICK HERE!]

2. The Merge VR: Goggles – Tons Of Free Content

The next big thing you can expect once you have your hands on a pair the Goggles is how much free content you can look forward to. The last thing you want to imagine is having to drop $49.99 and then cough up another grip bucks to get content. Fortunately, there are tons iOS and Android-compatible programs and games you can get your hands on without having to spend anything but a few clicks and download. NEED YOUR HEADSET NOW? CLICK HERE!]

3. The Merge VR: Goggles – Insanely Comfortable

It’s no fense to some the other virtual reality headsets out there, but this is easily one the most comfortable headsets you’ll ever explore. If the expression love at first sight means anything to you, then you can believe it with this headset. Once you’ve worn these, you’ll never feel pressured or curious about seeing what the other brands headsets feel like. These are comfortable and allow you enough comfort to engage in a short game or go as far as watching an entire movie on here. There are three main adjustable straps which help this go onto your head and fit securely. As you shop around and go into stores like Wal-Mart, take notice at the cheaper, $5-$10 headsets and notice how much bang you get for your buck. NEED YOUR HEADSET NOW? CLICK HERE!]

4. The Merge VR: Goggles – Team Android & Team iOS

For once, you don’t have to pick between a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone X. No matter your Android or iOS device, the Goggles work seamlessly. Simply slide your device into the top the Goggles and let the fun begin. NEED YOUR HEADSET NOW? CLICK HERE!]

5. The Merge VR: Goggles – The Merge VR Picks

As mentioned up above, you can find countless amounts free content but probably nothing comes close to sticking with the Merge VR’s top picks at VRStart.com. Simply go and check out the apps and games from big-name studios and discover magic from independent developers all united in delivering VR entertainment. No matter where you travel, you can simply pack away your Goggles and let the journey go wherever you and your smartphone go. NEED YOUR HEADSET NOW? CLICK HERE!]

6. The Merge VR: Cube – The First Of First

It’s one thing to have virtual reality goggles but you haven’t experienced anything until you pair it with your Merge VR: Cube. The cube makes you realize times have definitely changed. It’s the world’s first, interactive holographic toy you can actually hold in the palm your hand. No buttons needed, just load up the app on your Goggles and put this Cube to work. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

7. The Merge VR: Cube – More Than A Cube

Another huge thing you’ll dig about the Cube is it’s packed and equipped for games. There is the massively popular “Dig: The Mining & Building Game” but dig deep and see what Merge Pets and Doodle have to fer up. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

8. The Merge VR: Cube – Travel Anywhere

No matter where you go, your Cube comes with you and accompanies your Merge VR: Goggles. Pack it into your luggage and when you’re in a comfortable spot, load up www.MergeCube.com and check out the endless amount apps you can choose from to make your Cube do things you couldn’t even imagine. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

9. The Merge VR: Cube – The Price

$14.99? Does this even need further explanation? CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

10. The Merge VR: Cube – The Choice Is Yours

A big thing you’re going to experience when you own a pair Merge VR: Goggles is how quickly they’ll land into someone else’s hands. It’ll become the biggest thing in your home that it’s only right a sibling, parent or even bae will want to load up their own games. However, the best part about this is even when your Merge VR: Goggles are being used, you can grab a spare VR headset and the Cube should still work. The Cube works wonders and helps you get your game on even when your go-to VR headset is being occupied. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]