600Breezy Explains Texts From Late GF: "These Were Not Or Last Messages"


The rapper edited his Instagram posts to clarify his statements about his late GF.

600Breezy caught lots of flack this week after posting personal text messages between himself and his late girlfriend, Raven, who reportedly died by suicide. Fans initially offered their condolences to the rapper after he shared the news — but things took a turn after Breezy’s ex Queen Key, slammed the star for “clout chasing” and using Raven’s death to gain attention. “My condolences to her actual family,” she tweeted. “I apologize that this weird a** Nigga even got mfs commenting goofy shit on her passing.”

Raven’s family also came forward, accusing Breezy of using her death for fame. “I’m calling bullsh*t to this,” Raven’s cousin tweeted. “What’s the date on these bullsh*t text messages? This mfer trying to come up off of my cousin’s death. Why is the date important? Because her momma just called the cops in Alabama THIS MORNING for a wellness check.” Following the backlash, the “New Opps” rapper took to social media to share his side of things, officially confirming that the lengthy texts he posted were not his last exchange with Raven before her death. 

“THESE WERE NOT OUR LAST MESSAGES!!” he shared in an Instagam post. “THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE MANY TIMES LAST MONTH THAT I HAD TO STOP HER FROM. I JUST NEED YALL TO FEEL AND UNDERSTAND HER SO THIS CAN STOP HAPPENING, IM DIEN I WASNT THERE FOR HER BUT YOU CAN BE THERE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.” However, Raven’s family insists that she and Breezy were not in a relationship at the time of her passing. “They weren’t together! I’m her family, first cousin to be exact,” her cousin shared.  “We’ve asked him to take that down and he had refused. Where was he when my cousin was hurting?”

Our thoughts and well wishes are with all parties involved.