50 Cent Disses Maison Margiela Tabi Sneakers: “I Don’t Care Who Told You These Fly”

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Fif has moved on from dissing Madonna to Margiela.

In his latest Instagram attack, rapper 50 Cent has chosen to target not a person this time around, but instead, luxury fashion company Maison Margiela – more specifically, their Tabi-style sneakers that plenty of so-called “fashion killas” are obsessed with.

Late on Monday, the New Yorker shared a screenshot of a red Reebok x Maison Margiela Leather Tabi Sneaker, which retails for approximately $400 CAD. “Nah these, I don’t care who told you these fly,” he captioned the post. “Y’all better get the f*ck outta here!”

If you’re not familiar, the Margiela Tabis are known for the slit that they have between the the big and second toe, creating a unique look that’s often compared to a camel toe. While they’re not for everyone, other, more out-of-the-box artists like Gunna, wear them with pride and confidence.

The comments on Fif’s post show that many people seem to agree with his opinion. “Dat red camel toe lol,” one person wrote. “What in the ninja turtle is this ish right here” and “don’t be splitting my toes like a horse n shit,” others added. Those who actually wear Margiela Tabi’s themselves didn’t even seem to be that upset about 50’s comments, saying “wish more [people] felt this way so they would stop buying them and let me wear my Tabis in peace.”


50 Cent/Instagram

If, unlike the “I Get Money” recording artist, you’re interested in buying a pair of your own, the sneakers come in five colour ways including the red pictured above, as well as different variations of black, white, and grey. Shop them for yourself here.

Elsewhere, 50 Cent has been facing some heat following his hateful comments towards Madonna – read more about our latest update on all the drama here.