5 W's With … IG Vixen Rahyndee James: "Nicki Wins The [Cardi B] Battle B/C She's More Ruthless" –

With pop culture, sports, entertainment and hip-hop making up the majority social media, SOHH talks to personalities in all fields to get random takes on anything and everything in “5 W’s With …” Adult actress and Instagram beauty Rahyndee James joins the convo to talk about everything from the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B takeover to sex bots possibly dominating the world in the not so distant future.

1. Who – wins in a rap battle – Nicki Minaj or Cardi B – especially looking at their current buzz and their hits, who do you like right now?

Nicki Minaj wins the battle because she is more ruthless. It’s a close one though. It’d get more pay-per-view buys than the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight.

2. What – is your ultimate go-to shoe/sneaker? Are you more about those fresh kicks or high-heel game?

I do love some fresh kicks but I am all about those Jimmy Choo’s.

3. Where – do you stand in the whole Star Wars: The Last Jedi debate? Are you rocking with The Force in 2018?

I prefer the retro trilogy over the new Star Wars. I just want to have a fuzzy friend like Chewbacca.

4. When – do you think the sex bots will take over not only the adult industry but the entire world? Maybe galaxy?

After seeing West World on HBO, I think we all know it’s coming. If humans start doing robots then eventually there won’t be anymore humans.

5. Why – do you think streaming sites like Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu are beating TF outta TV in 2018?

It’s all Instant gratification. I want my Family Guy now and I want to watch a bunch them in a row.

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