Warner Music Nashville and Southwest Formalize Partnership Bringing Live Music to the Skies: Exclusive

Warner Music Nashville (WMN) announced today that they have teamed up with Southwest Airlines to produce a variety promotions that will bring music into the skies. With this new partnership, Southwest will continue their history pop-up shows on board flights featuring WMN artists, with the label also agreeing to continue their tradition traveling with the airline.

Perhaps the most popular aspect the agreement is the continuation the Live at 35 in-air concert series, as well as the Opry at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park series summer concerts. Launched as a curiosity in 2011, the Live at 35 series has only grown in popularity over the past six years, as Southwest passengers hope that their flight will be one the lucky ones to feature a sure-to-go-viral performance. To celebrate the announcement, Atlantic Records/WMN artist Devin Dawson performed to a capacity crowd aboard a Southwest flight leaving Nashville for Philadelphia one Sunday afternoon as the latest member the Live at 35 family musicians.

With an equipment failure (a bad amp) forcing one his accompanying guitarists into the role second cameraman for the staging, Dawson performed his debut single (“All On Me”) as well as a few songs f his upcoming album Dark Horse, due to drop on Jan. 19. After the concert in the clouds wrapped, the young singer walked the aisles, handing out souvenir guitar picks and compact discs to his audience; among those in attendance aboard the flight were country artists Kip Moore and Delta Rae, all scheduled to share a stage with Dawson at the Fillmore in Philadelphia later that day.

Upon arriving in Philadelphia, Dawson commented on his airborne performance, “That was a little bit different than what I usually do every day.”

He continued, “You know, some people don't really enjoy flying; some people get very nervous and don't like it. I hope that something like this performance] is just a cool surprise for some passengers] that helps them forget about their everyday woes, and I'll just play a couple songs to make them smile.”