"Piece of F**king Sh*t!" Vince Staples Goes OFF on R. Kelly During Interview

When news R. Kelly’s illegal and down right scandalous activities (i.e. allegations maintaining an abusive, sexually-driven cult) hit the headlines, it was met with disbelief. That is… Until undeniable pro in the form an outspoken victim surfaced.

Afterwards, the singer’s fan base seemed to decrease a little. His approval rating among his fellow artists even faltered. Case in point: Member hip-hop trio Cutthroat Boyz, Vince Staples, made it cyrstal clear that he does not mess with R. Kelly.

During a backstage interview with Everyday Struggle‘s Nadeksa Alexis, the two joked about all the things Vince will be able to do after he gets f probation before things took a… turn.

“R. Kelly a piece fu**ing s**t,” he said.