Key Glock Sits on a Throne in New ''Russian Cream'' Video

Key Glock pulls up with a new visual. This one's for "Russian Cream," a standout cut from his Glock Bond mixtape, which dropped a little over a month below.

The Shot By Spencer-directed video for "Russian Cream" finds Key Glock sitting on a throne while smoking and enjoying the company a couple baddies. Their surrounding appears to be a wintery palace, where Key Glock reigns supreme. He also also makes sure the camera catches good shots all his icy jewels.

The visual fits the tone the song to a tee, as it presents plenty imagery relating to an overall imperial vibe. "I got money blue and green/Drop them racks on double G's/Yeah, I'm a Gucci fiend/Feel like Tarzan, all these trees/I get so high I can't breathe/Like LeBron, bitch I'm a king/But I never leave my heat/Yeah, what the fuck you mean/Hop in and hear the exhaust," he spits on the Tay Keith-produced cut.

Check out his visual for "Russian Cream" below. Peep his videos for "Cocky" and "All I Know Is Trap" when you're done.