Jim Jones Shares Heartfelt Post After His Mom's House Burns Down on Christmas

On Christmas day, the country (or a huge chunk it) rests. On the 25th December, even Walmart is closed. However, on Christmas especially, the fire departments various cities get no rest. Every year, about 200 homes burn to the ground Christmas morning. While that number is usually the result Christmas tree that became too hot, that’s still a lot costly damages.

Unfortunately, Jim Jones’ mom has been added to that statistic.

Jim Jones had one the worst holidays imaginable. The Dipset rapper’s mother’s house burnt down during their holiday celebrations. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire.

Ever the striver, the rapper and reality TV star found a positive aspect the terrible tragedy.

“We can always buy new houses new cars new everything but we can’t buy a new family,” he said in a video that he shared with the world, showing firefighters putting out the fire.