Jay Z Makes A Playlist Dedicated To Social Injustice

Jay Z has been using his platform to speak out about the social injustices that have happened in the United States, where two African-American men were murdered by police in less than 24 hours.

On Tuesday, bystanders captured a Baton Rouge police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man named Alton Sterling. As the nation grappled with the first shooting, police in Minnesota shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop, on Wednesday.

Friday morning, Jay Z posted a new track on Tidal titled “Spiritual” that calls out police brutality. Well, Jay Z isn’t done making statements on the unrest after the release of the new song.

Today (July 10), the rapper posted a new playlist titled “Songs For Survival,” which features music from several artists including Beyonce, Nina Simone, Outkast, Kanye West, and many other artists.

Posted along with an image of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King together, the playlist is tailored to ease the souls of many by including music that calls out the injustice that has happened this past week.

Check out the playlist on the official website.

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